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Throwing the perfect event!

Hosting an event can be the most stressful thing to do outside of having babies. Right? The preparation to get the look you want, the food, the invites, the venue, and to make sure all of your guests are tended to. Well hopefully this blog will help with your future events and you grow to love being the host of perfect events.

Tip #1

Find the venue. Once you the find the venue, you will be able to plan out your decorations, the layout of seating, and where to put the cake with the hidden stripper (just kidding). When looking for a venue, make sure the venue will help with your event. That's right. You will be paying to use a space. Find out if they have perks like servers, hosts, do they setup or takedown, do they provide food containers, or even decorations. Having a venue that helps with this list will help tremendously with having a smooth event.

Tip #2

Make a checklist. Making a checklist of what you want to have at your event will help you stay organized and you can cross things off that you already have on hand. To keep your budget in line ask the venue if they have items on your checklist. This could save you a trip. If the venue has an event emergency kit, you can relax knowing if you forget something it will be there.

Tip #3

Delegate. Ask for help. Everyone except for the honoree should be able to chip in on an event. Ask others to pick up things like the cake, ice, drinks, and balloons. Have the food delivered to relieve more stress. Opt for a venue that is already decorated. That will save you time and money.

By now you should have noted that the venue is mentioned in all 3 tips. Venues like that do exist. Business Lounge Dallas is one that is decorated. They help with setup and takedown. They offer servers, full party plan, and they strive to make your event stress free. Baby showers, workshops, panels, & book signings, are just a few that Business Lounge Dallas is known for. *BLD can accommodate upto 30 comfortably with tables and chairs.

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