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The perfect branding shoot.

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

What are branding shoots?

When you need to update headshots, product pictures, or to just take some updated pictures. A branding shoot is what you need. These shoots can be done indoors or outdoors. Preferably a location with a nice background, scenery and good lighting.

Bloggers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more use these shoots to spruce up their social media or websites. In todays blog we are going to cover a few tips to have the perfect branding shoot.


For a perfect shoot, you want to be able to take photos inside and outside. You want the indoor space to have props on hand, great décor, a good vibe, and space. Make sure to book the space during its none busy hours to maximize the time for your shoot. You don't want photobombs of others in your professional photos. Before booking be sure to ask if they are a venue that is used frequently for branding shoots. That will ensure that their staff has experience and can help if you need some ideas.


Arrive to your shoot photo ready or have your make up artist / hair stylist meet you prior to your shoot. Make sure to book the space for those additional hours if you prepare there. It is good to have your stylists on site in the event you need a touchup during the shoot. Bring 2 to 3 outfits for changes to maximize your time. The more pictures you can use the better use of the shoot. Pack all shoe changes, hair style plans, and jewelry the night before. Preparation is a vital key to a successful shoot.


For the perfect shoot, you need a photographer that understands your vision. It is not wise to go with a photog that you have not worked with before. Vibes are everything. If you are not vibing with the photog, you may not be happy with your pics. Do your research. They can have good work posted, that still does not mean they are a good fit for you.

Follow these tips and you will have a successful branding shoot. Business Lounge Dallas is a female inspired co working and event space located in N. Dallas. We host branding shoots frequently here. We have a list of photographers to share as well as make up artists & stylists. Our goal is for your branding shoot to be stress free and fun.

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