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Wendy Nicole Anderson

Business Systems Strategist Positive Influence Coaching, LLC || |

Over the past five years, I've helped multi-six, and seven-figure service-based business owners redefine how they streamlined their day to day business operations so they could safeguard their business from inconsistent and disruptive practices that would stop them from working in their zone of genius 24-7.

I am the systems queen.  If you believe in doing things right the first time, got a thing for logic, working smart, and a knack for all things lean and efficient, then I am your secret weapon.

I believe that systems and processes are the heartbeat of a sustainable business.  I also understand people and have a knack for reading between the lines and making your potential success a reality. I am intuitive so it possible that I will understand your business needs better than your level of understanding.

I believe that a system is a collective body of rules your business follows to proactively respond to daily and high-level scenarios so that growth isn't disruptive. It is an interactive, responsive plan to protect your business from inconsistent practices.

If you are ready to build a scalable service based business that produces predictable revenue and results for your business and your clients, then you have found the right profile.

Who I work with?
-Online Service-Based Business Owners
-Coaches | Consultants | Professionals with an itch to Monetize Their Expertise + Optimize Their Existing Operations


Automate To Profit
Systems Audit

Cities Serviced: Worldwide

Budget: $1500-$7500

Instagram: @iamwendynicole

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